Goodway Benelux BV has always been a trusted supplier in the maritime world. We supply the equipment to clean coolers, heat exchangers, chillers and air ducts. We do this with innovative methods.

So you can contact us for bi-directional running machines with special SGB ​​brushes to clean your pipes as effectively as possible. We have different machines, both on compressed air and electrically driven. Some machines like the Ram-Pro-XL also have an adjustable speed. With which you can regulate the RPM.

Read more below on a short explanation about cleaning with our equipment.

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  • Complete Cooling Tower Cleaning Package

    Goodway Benelux offers a complete cooling tower cleaning package. Maintain your cooling towers with the right equipment and save money, time and costs!
  • Professional Rotary Tube Cleaning Set

    Here you will find our Professional Rotary Tube Cleaning Set, perfect for the professional who needs to clean chillers, heat exchangers and more! Equipped with all necessities and the best accessories!
  • Professional Rotary Tube Cleaning Set XL

    By far the best Rotary Tube Cleaning set on the market. Equipped with the best tools / accessories and one of our best Tube Cleaning Machines, the RAM-PRO-XL!
  • Rotary Tube Cleaning Starter Set

    The Rotary Tube Cleaning starter kit is the perfect option for a low-budget professional tube cleaning set. Perfect for starters!
  • AWT-100X

    One of Goodway's most powerful tube cleaners. Equipped with an 3kW air motor, this machine can virtually clean every pipe from 6,4mm. Dry or wet!
  • Ram Pro Tube Cleaner

    The Ram Pro is innovative, easy-to-use and powerful in cleaning heat exchangers, chillers and much more. You do not want to miss this experience!
    From 1.795,-
  • Heavy-Duty Industrial Vacuum (wall mounted)

    This Heavy-Duty Industrial Vacuum works perfectly in places where space is scarce. Thanks to the handy hanging system, this system can work anywhere.
  • Industrial Pump-Out Vacuum (EV-60-P)

    The EV-60-P is the ideal water vacuum cleaner that can absorb 100 + liters of water and release it immediately. Minimize your down time immediately!

    The most advanced tube cleaner from Goodway until now. Extra strong, anti-corrosive effect and a snake design make this RAM PRO the best so far.
  • RAM-5 Chiller Tube Cleaner

    The RAM-5 Tube Cleaner is the perfect match for the mechanical cleaning of larger pipe bundles! With the Speed-Feed gun you can go through the pipes with 0,9 meters per second! Clean up to 4x faster than normal!
  • RAM-4 Ream-A-Matic®

    The RAM-4 Ream-A-Matic Tube Cleaner is the most used unit of Goodway. Easy to use and always good quality, that's this machine.
    From 1.625,-
  • Vacuum Leak Detector Package

    The ideal way to test whether your pipes are leaking! Fast, simple and cheap. Now at Goodway Benelux.
  • Chiller Bib® Frame Kit

    With the BIB-KIT-3 you can now effortlessly collect dirt and water during the Tube Cleaning process, no more wet floors!
  • Scalebreak MP Descaler

    Scalebreak-MP is a top-of-the-line industrial descaler with an excellent cleaning effect. Lime scale? Then Scalebreak is the solution!
  • GDS-100 Industrial Chemical Pump - Heavy Duty

    The GDS-100-BV is our most powerful and innovative pump, with 360 liter / minute flow and an 170 liter water tank you will go a long way. Now available at Goodway!
  • gds-15ph

    Chemical Rinse Unit - GDS-15

    The GDS-15 is an autonomous chemical flush unit that is suitable for medium-sized systems. Dry cleaning with complete control is now possible!
    From 4.795,-

Result 1-16 is shown of the 31 results

How does it work?

Our equipment is made for simple, efficient, safe and fast work. This means that you are fully operational within just a few minutes with Goodway equipment! The method is as follows:

  • Position the machine and connect the water and power connection.
  • Unroll the foot pedal at the bottom.
  • Couple the flexible shaft at lightning speed through Quick Connect.
  • Close one borstel on the flexible shaft.
  • Test turn the machine and see if the brush is running and whether water comes out.
  • Make sure the flexible shaft contains as few curls as possible and put it in the pipe.
  • Start the most effective and quick cleaning so far!

If it does not work with the cleaning or there is an urgent problem, then our emergency line 24 / 7 ready for you. By means of a short Skype or Zoom call, together we can detect and solve the problem within a few minutes.